Two Rocket Scientists dabbling in photography that enjoy taking photographs of our Nation's Capital, National Parks, street scenes, nature, landscapes, and anything that moves or doesn't move.  With camera in hand, we capture what we see to share with others.

Everywhere we go we have a camera in hand whether it is to the grocery store or to one of the major national parks in the United States. We take pictures of whatever inspires us and it can be as trivial as a water gauge on the outside of an abandoned building to a beautiful landscape shot of the jutting peaks of the Grand Tetons. Every Sunday for the past 10 years we have a photo-sharing session with a family member via Skype and display the latest images captured during our daily chores or scheduled vacations and provide a critique for each picture.

Over the years we have amassed several thousands of pictures therefore we decided it was time to share these pictures with a greater audience…hence Libration Point Images. As a husband and wife team, we are pursuing our passion as a side business while still fully employed with the Federal government.